Games / VR




VR Explorations

The immersive experiences provided by virtual reality offer a medium with unexplored potential waiting to be discovered.

2022 - Unreal Engine

Locomotion system. Made as part of a larger ongoing project and shared with the community. Drag yourself around your virtual environment, adjust your world scale and rotate your yourself around using controller input. My preferred way to move around smaller roomscale VR scenes.
Repo on Github

2019 - Beta on Steam - UNITY

A virtual orrery. Explore a scale model of our solar system, fast-forward and rewind time to see the alignment of celestial bodies over thousands of years.
You can also find an earlier dev version on

2018 - Back-Burnered - UNITY

Fly a puppet-scale spaceship around, blasting asteroids and warping to different locations. Stalled when implementing multiplayer dog-fighting elements into the project.

Computer / Web Games

While working on a few VR ideas I made a bunch of friends, and every so often we make little games together. These are the games we made.

2020 - UNITY

Trapped aboard a sinking vessel, you'll have to work fast with your comrades to avoid death under the sea. Patch holes, close doors, and maybe even abandon your fellow players. Play with up to four of your friends via download or through your web browser. Created in 48 hours as part of Global Game Jam 2020.

Additional Team ⚓ Oliver Smith, Drew Gingerich, Ryan Kubik, Ezra Sandzer-Bell, Matthew Morgan

2019 - Airconsole - UNITY

Race down the beach as a baby turtle using your phone as a controller! Built using Air Console, an in browser console that allows your friends to play games together with your phones as controllers. Created in 48 hours as part of Global Game Jam 2019. Was an 'Honorable Mention' in AirConsole's Game Dev Contest 2019.

Additional Team 🐢 Oliver Smith, Ryan Kubik, Lia Snyderman, Ezra Sandzer-Bell, Curran Gregory

2018 - UNITY

A whodunit murder mystery that takes place on an infinite train ride. Created in 48 hours as part of Global Game Jam 2018. Later showcased at OMSI After Dark: Game On!

Additional Team 🚂 Wesley Gyde, Oliver Smith, Lia Snyderman, Ezra Sandzer-Bell, Ryan Kubik

Back-Burnered - UNITY

Local Multiplayer zombie shooter. Your helicopter has crashed and you and your team need to find a way home.

Additional Team 🚁 Oliver Smith, Ryan Kubik, Lia Snyderman, Ezra Sandzer-Bell

Card / Physical Games

2018 - Index Cards, Paper and Pens

3 - 6 player tabletop card game. Draft a band, play gigs, build the biggest fan club. Designed at the PIGSquad Tabletop Jam in March of 2018.

Additional Team 🃏 Ryan Kubik, Lia Snyderman, Wesley Mueller, Carly Sjordal, Chris McPhearson